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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tied for first place with mitt romney. she's at 15%. this is a national horse race poll for the republican nomination. that's the national picture among republicans. among all americans, faberable ratings are lower than most other candidates and in head-to-head with the president she does not do well. one thing about sarah palin, if she decides to run, still a big if, she could get in later than most because she's got the name recognition and probably raise money pretty easily. again, big if. randi, back to you. >> a big if. but we'll continue to play with that if. paul, thank you. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you so much. hello to all of you. i want to begin with this, today is one of those days that the news we are reporting here on cnn is both heartbreaking and bears absolutely no logical explanation. bad things happen to good people and sometimes those victims are children. they're small, innocent, totally unaware of what's going on around them. in two of our top stories today,
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ho horrific tragedies befallen babies. midwest, parents who have been missing children for days now, now know the worst. a want you to listen to something. a father who had already lost one son in the tornado that hit their oklahoma town. his pregnant wife and young daughter, they are still in the hospital. he was out of town on sunday for work when the tornado hit. listen. >> hello, i'm hank hamill. and we found my other son this morning, ryan. he was floating in water on the west side of the lake. i just want to thank everybody for helping and being there. it's a bad deal. i lost both my boys. i was hoping we would find ryan today alive.
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ryan was my little buddy, cole was, too. i loved them both. i just want to thank everybody again for helping, all they've done. thanks. >> in another part of the country the story of a 2-year-old who went missing and found dead has captured our attention for the past three years. little caylee anthony here. her mother, casey, is on trial for her little girl's murder. today, the court heard casey's boyfriend describe the relationship between mother and child. >> she'd have a book, a teddy bear, we would go down to the pool, teaching her how to swim, talk about caylee, caylee liked dora the explorer and could count to 40 in spanish, which was pretty incredible for her age. she was a great little girl.
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>> who taught her how to count to 40. >> dora explorer. from my knowledge, it was her favorite show. >> how often during that time did you see casey and caylee hugging and showing affection with one another? >> pretty much the whole time. >> so we just wanted to play you some sound from both stories. we'll have much more on both stories in the next two hours. i want to begin with very, very important decision. you may not have heard about today, handed down by the u.s. supreme court and it will affect the way many americans do business. the vote 5-3, with a majority of justices backing an arizona law that punishes businesses who fire illegal immigrants. keep in mind this is the first of many state laws cracking down on illegal immigration that the high court is set to consider. and today's ruling is a victory for anyone who is supporting the immigration reform at state level. reaction to this decision today
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in arizona when i talk to a reporter on the ground. first, i want to bring in senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin, there he is live in new york. jeffrey, a big picture here, this could be a bellwether case for another court challenge. in terms of the specifics of today's ruling the supreme court, let me make sure i'm reading this correctly, supreme court said, yes, state of arizona you have authority to punish businesses who hire workers who are here illegally? >> that's exactly right. and you know, as all of us are aware, lots of states either have passed laws like this or considering passing laws like this. and one of the arguments against those laws is, you know, you state of arizona, you state of missouri, any state you can't pass a law like this because it's the federal government, not state governments that are supposed to regulate immigration. well, the supreme court, at least in this circumstance, rejected that argument and said, states do have the right to create a system of punishments
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of fines for employers who hire illegal immigrants. this is something that is politically very significant. republicans all over the country, by and large, have been trying to pass these laws. democrats have been fighting them this is a victory for those republican legislators who have been pushing for those laws. >> and you know, we can't talk about this state law without talking about e-verify, the federal database where some of the businesses you check documentation. this is part of the opinion, written by chief justice roberts. arizona's use of e-verify does not conflict with the federal scheme. the arizona law requires that every employer after hiring an employee should verify the employment eligibility of the employee through e-verify. that requirement is consistent with the federal law. so, jeffrey toobin, as you mentioned other states here, how might this opinion be interpreted by other stated perhaps flirting with the idea of making e-verify mandatory? >> it's a green light to those states. it says to those states, go
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ahead, establish new restrictions on -- create new fines for businesses that don't hire illegal immigrants. it is really an invitation to the states to say, go ahead, go establish local rules, state rules, that regulate immigration. and that's a big political hot potato in a lot of states. so i think, just in terms of the real world, this means a lot more states are going to go ahead with those laws. >> i want to talk big picture in a moment. talk about reaction here out of arizona. jeff toobin, stand by for me. i want to bring in a reporter with cnn in phoenix affiliate kpnx, being ground zero in terms of the immigration debate. what is receipt action to the court's high ruling? >> well, i think jeffrey toobin was talking a bit about this, how this will be seen as a victory for republicans. and i can tell you the moment this opinion came out we got
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flooded with a lot of e-mails from republicans that have been pro-immigration enforcement. so that side sees this as a major victory and boding well for the controversial sb-1070. of course these are different circumstances but the folks, republicans that are in support of immigration enforcement say, this position is proof that states have a role in immigration enforcement. >> rachel, i'm sure you've covered this and you've talked to businesses, right, and phoenix and elsewhere. in talking to businesses when we talk about e-verify if certain businesses were not already implementing this, how do they plan on implementing it looking forward and how long plight it take for them? >> of course the chamber of commerce was party to this and they were against this law because they said it was cumbersome for businesses, many businesses already do use e-verify, but this is a system that would be free. but some businesses are saying, this is going to be cumbersome,
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think is going to to be a lot of work and it could have a chilling effect on business statewide. >> rachel, thank you. jeff toobin, how might this ruling, and i'm going to use the word for shadowing, how might it be foreshadowing, which among other issues would give police officers the authority to identify and arrest folks they suspect are illegal? how might that affect that ruling? >> i think it is a very clear foreshadowing that the supreme court, likely, not guaranteed burke likely will uphold that law. look, the supreme court is just as polarized as the congress on a lot of these issues. there are five conservatives on the supreme court, there are four relative liberals. that's how most of these decisions break down. today's decision was the five conservatives voting to uphold the law, three liberals voting to overturn it. one of the liberals elena kagan
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was not participating, she participated in working on the case. i think this decision strongly suggests that they will uphold the law and states are going to have more and more rights to make people show them their papers. i mean, that's where the law is going if states want to pass those kind of laws. >> likely is the word, jeffrey toobin uses here. jeff toobin, thank you so much. rachel stockman, thank you. now, listen to this -- >> i called it all last night, i called -- >> still calling his number? >> well, i can't stop. i don't know why. >> this is a father who refuses to give up. 16-year-old son is missing. ever since the tornado hit joplin sunday night. we'll have more from him. also the worst massacre in europe since the holocaust. today the law caught up with the alleged butcher of the balkans. remember what you were doing in december of 1995?
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. news just in tous here at cnn. remember the name eddie long? i'm going to take you back, august of last year, here's the new development we're learning in the case involving eddie long, atlanta megachurch pastor. the attorney for the men who sued bishop long now telling cnn, simply, quote, the matter
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has been resolved. end quote. no those young men accused long of sexual misconduct when members of the church and bishops long fellow academy for young men. the matter's been resolved, they say. now this -- >> the national security of the united states is at stake and the junior senator from kentucky's complaining he's not able to offer amendments. let me take a moment to set the record straight. >> the clock is ticking. eight hours until parts of the patriot act expire and the debate over what to do pitted harry reid against rand paul paul and rand paul against the republican party. car connection calls the xf, yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship.
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want to take a couple of minutes to get you caught up on the efforts to get those missing in joplin, missouri. officials reduces the number of those unaccounted ford down from 1500, remember we were talking about that yesterday, now down to 232. some people have been found alive, but others now confirmed among the dead. that said, i do have an update for you on little 16-month-old
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skyular logsdon who said they kept looking for him. the news, missouri officials say the missing toddler's body was identified at a morgue by his great-aunt. his mother was holding him in her arms when the tornado blew through, ripping the little one out of her embrace. the sent drew national attention and thousands to a facebook page that was set up to help locate skyular. capitol hill. senator rand paul's got a head full of steam, saying if key provisions of the patriot act are allowed to lapse at midnight, and if that impedes the hunt for terrorists it is the fault of his own party. his republican party. listen to this, rand paul exclusive interview with our own dana bash. >> if you believe your gun records should be private and shouldn't be opened and sifted through by unknown bureau crafts with a judge's warn, call your republican leadership in washington, tell them you're unhappy. you thought you were going to elect republicans who would
12:18 pm
represent the second and fourth amendmen amendment. >> dana bash. what's gotten into rand paul? why's he going off on his own -- his fellow senators, fellow republicans? >> reporter: first, let me start by saying this is a fast moving story. i was told by a republican that the republicans may have just in the last few minutes agreed to give in to rand paul. but what happened was, he actually sought me out to come on cnn to go off on his republican leadership. he's been filibustering the patriot act all week, extending it for four years because he wants amendments. this morning he came to an agreement with the democrats on two amendments that he was looking for. one of them is what we're talking about, sort of the most controversial here, and that it would require the government to get a court order before reviewing people's gun records. he said at least earlier, that the fellow republicans told him, no, take a listen. >> the republican leadership is not only opposing miami
12:19 pm
amendments they're sending out information to convince other republicans to vote against miamis. >> reporter: this is unusual for a republican freshman senator to lash out at his own leadership. why are you doing that? >> i'm disappointed that they don't want to allow debate. i mean i've gotten over two long days of filibustering this i've gotten the democrats to agree to allow me to have votes. are we not here to have debate, to have debate over important, constitutional questions? >> reporter: now paul said the issue was that he felt that his fellow republicans were conflicted on the one hand, they didn't want to do anything to anger gun rights advocates and people throughout who have supported republicans' intent to in general. on the other hand they didn't want to look like they were doing anything to make it harder to go after potential terrorists. again i should underscore we're watching the senate floor to see if republicans say, from their point of view, they're okay with
12:20 pm
these amendments on the republican side. republicans earlier said they're are some issues with democrats. big picture, what this has been doing is making it dramatic as we get up to the midnight hour as to whether or not the patriot act will expire or not. >> obviously come back and let us know if the republicans decide to go his way. let's talk bigger picture here, namely national security dana. listen to some sound. harry reid warning about some of the parts of the patriot act lapsing. >> our law enforcement will no longer be able to use some of the most critical tools they need to counter terrorists and combat terrorism. if they cannot use these tools, tools that identify and track terrorist suspects it could have dire consequences on national security. >> it expires at midnight tonight. you said you're watching this on the floor right now. who's negotiating with whom to prevent the expiration from happening.
12:21 pm
>> reporter: everybody is negotiating at this point. it's down to, welcome to the united states senate, it is just down to whether or not various people can get various amendments. they seem to be getting closer, just before i came on here, as i said, it looks like republicans have backed down in their opposition to their own tea party-backed candidate who promised to be a flamethrower and he has kept that promise, rand paul. but they're talking. you heard harry reid, we're hearing from others who are supporters of extending this, they are concerned if this expires, even for a few hours, it could disrupt the government's ability to go after terrorists. potential terrorists. >> opotentially. dana brash, thank you so much from capitol hill. a small village with close relatives nearby, this is where a war criminal was found. how in the world did this guy avoid capture for so long? i'll speak with one of the men who prosecuted the war crimes at
12:22 pm
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they think bin laden may have stashed other materials not found several weeks ago in the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s raided the place. pakistan does not possess elaborate equipment. an attorney for rape suspect and former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn is accusing new york police of leaking details of his case. he says strauss-kahn's ability to get a fair trials a compromised by release of prejudicial material. but it's unclear what the materials are. all of this comes as strauss-kahn has moved into this place, his new luxury townhouse in tribeca neighborhood. it is 7,000 square feet and the asking rent one point was $60,000 a month. scary moments in detroit at a police station there. the station had to be evacuated when a person dropped off, get this, a bag full of grenades. you can see the bomb squad called in to examine the devices, a nearby dental clinic,
12:26 pm
pharmacy evacuated in the neighborhood for more than an hour. a local resident found the grenades and didn't know what to do with them. now, huge story. take you back, way back, summer of 1995, for us here in america, we had a national obsession. i only need to utter who initials, o.j. >> tried to show simpson had no scars the day after the murders. couldn't have been in a fight with ron goldman and they're expected to call simpson's doctor to say he had art light too severe to kill two people so fast. and if jurors are searching for reasonable doubt, lawyers say they need look no further than the glove. >> indicating the fingers are all the way -- >> as the o.j. simpson trial mesmerized america, a horrible crime in the former yugoslavia, tens of thousand of muslim civilians, mostly women and children, were being driven from
12:27 pm
this town, srebrenica, as that town itself became a killing field of able-bodied men. >> after days of uncertainty and terror, the first of srebrenica's pitiful refugees arrived in safe territory. they had escaped with their lives and little else. there were no men among them. only women and children. many of them elderly, some of them sick. the first batch of around 3,000 muslim civilians was herded out of the srebrenica enclave in serbian vehicles, dropped close to the confrontation line, and had to walk through the battlefront. finally they saw the comforting site of bosnian government troops. most of them sat in stunned silence. >> today, nearly 16 full years later the former serbian general has finally been arrested. the answer for the crimes that occurred in srebrenica.
12:28 pm
ratko mladic. we have just taken in these pictures. this is new to us. we'll turn it around for you here at cnn. in these pictures ratko mladic in custody, in serbia. mladic charged with the murders of nearly 8,000 muslim men and boys, and the forced relocation of tens of thousands of others, ethnic cleansing. mladic finally hunted down in this village in northern serbia, thus ending the global manhunt, second in frustration perhaps to wouldn't that ended may 2nd with the killing of bin laden. joining me from washington, d.c., law professor, he helped prosecute mladic cohort at the war crimes trial in the hague. good to have you on. let's start here, simply, what are -- we ran through some of them -- what are mladic's crimes? >> mladic charge forward genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes for
12:29 pm
atrocities committed outside srebrenica after the fall in july 1995. it's a huge, huge day that she's been captured. >> historic. but like you said, 1995. he has been on the lam for more than 15 years, just about 16. longer than even bin laden. how -- how could that have even happened? >> i think there's a wide support network for mladic. he's seen as a hero by many people. and i think there are many people willing to protect him. the fact that the serbian governments and members of the serbian ministry of interior and others working with this have decided to go after him and capture him today is a huge step forward for the government of serbia and the population of the former yugoslavia. >> the search for mladic is over. the next step, search for the people who helped this man hide must continue. how do they search for those individuals? >> this will probably be something taken up by the serbian security services to figure out who is helping him, try to funnel assistance, cash,
12:30 pm
food what have you. and it's something that will probably take a longer period of time to investigate. >> you know, we thought europe in the '90s, mark, had evolved beyond mass killings, beyond ethnic cleansing. last time we had some mass genocide was world war ii. we were wrong, obviously. did these prosecutions serve to prevent any of this from happening every again? >> i think that's an excellent question. i mean the thing that struck so many people during the war in yugoslavia was the fact that this occurred in europe in the 21st century, the fact that this happened, you know, when many of us were watching tv and could watch the war unfold right before our eyes. the fact 8,000 men and boys could be slaughtered, rounded up, blindfolded, shot, came as a shock to many people. the question in term of what it has done to prevent future crimes, i think the testimony -- >> what has it done? >> i think what -- from my experience, when i was work on
12:31 pm
milosevic prosecution one of the first witnesses was head of civil affairs in bosnia, and the first thing e. hid e said thanku for being here. i said, why? he explained to myself and my colleague the fact when he was doing prisoner exchanges in bosnia he would go to the leader of the bosnian serb army and take a list of all of the people involved in the prisoner transfer, and he would tell the commander if any single muslim that was harmed during this prisoner transfer he would take the list of people who had been involved in the transfer and bring it to the hague and he would not rest until those people were prosecuted for injuring the bosnian muslims and he was convinced that saved lives. >> but, mark, globally, globally, might this hopefully, now that these bad guys are found, globally, does this set a precedent, that this is unacceptable? >> i think it does. i think the press den was first established with the capture and arrest and the trial of mi
12:32 pm
milosev milosevic. after that taylor, after that hussein, and the fact that this is one more major domino to fall. and those people who, before, lived happily ever after after slaughtering thousands of people, the fact these individuals are being brought to justice in the hague is a huge step forward for justice. >> mark, thank you, sir, for coming on. now this -- >> my life and my wife's life when this started for us, we are running on fumes, going day by day, just trying to find my granddaughter. >> emotions, clearly reaching epic levels as casey anthony awaits her fate on trial for murder. more shocking revelations. now the prosecution is punching back. we'll get insight from criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, holly hughes live in the studio. 2k3w4r
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there was a heartbreaking moment during the casey anthony murder trial, which is still going on, by the way. live pictures inside the courtroom. she, you know, is the young florida mother who could be sentenced to death if the jury finds her guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. i want you to watch this. this is an emotional moment it happened after court started this morning. today's day three of the trial. watch with me as casey anthony's former boyfriend describes caylee and the relationship between mother and daughter. take a look. >> she'd have a book, she'd have her teddy bear, we would go down to the pool, teaching her how to
12:36 pm
swim, talk about caylee, caylee liked to -- dora the explorer and could count to 40 in spanish, which was pretty incredible for her age. she was a great little girl. >> who taught her how to count to 40. >> dora the explorer. from my knowledge, it was her favorite show. >> and how -- how often during that time did you see casey and caylee hugging and showing affection with one another? >> pretty much the whole time. >> holly hughes, a criminal defense attorney, and a former prosecutor. what a story. you have a loving mother, tragic accident, we all heard, though, monday the defense in the opening, that they're saying this was an accident, a drowning in the pool. surprised us. were you surprised by that? >> you know, i think it's the only place they could go, brooke, bear in mind --
12:37 pm
>> an accident. >> by the time they found remains they were skeletal. you can't negate that. there's no organs left, there's no lungs to test, to see if there's water in them. from the standpoint of she's not guilty at all, because he's saying it's not a lesser included, it's not manslaughter, it's just a flat-out accident, and the prosecution cannot negate that. there's no evidence to test. >> also this, today, there was all of this back and forth between casey anthony's attorney and her father. a whole exchange over these gas cans, right? gas cans found in casey's trunk. he got particularly testy. let's watch this. >> you're trying to confuse me here. yes, you are, sir. >> no, i'm not. >> talking about the gas can and you're talking about my granddaughter. be specific with one or the other and i'll be more than glad to get through this with you. you have to be specific. give me a date. i'll answer. >> i'm giving you a date. >> no, sir, you are badgering
12:38 pm
me. you're trying to get me upset, sir. >> you're damagering me. what did you think? was the attorney -- was casey anthony's attorney badgering him on the stand. >> i think he was. he was pushing it too far. bear in mind, not only is he the defendant's father, he's the grandfather of the victim here. and this is an attorney who stood up in open court and called him a child rapist. this is the man who stood up and used very vulgar terms, descriptive an nomically correct terms. i think george has shown incredible restraint. if someone accused you of hurting your child, you'd want to come over the bench and strangle them. george is saying, i'm try so hard to be professional but jose was pushing it to far. he had what he needed. he needed to stop. >> when he was saying you're being testy, that was innocuous and he held back. >> he did. >> in opening statements it
12:39 pm
seemed like the defense attorney, they were throwing a lot of people under the bus, george anthony, blaming cindy, casey's mother. do you think -- speak to just the fact, what's the point of throwing all of these peoplen the bus? >> what jose baez is trying to do here -- >> jose baez is casey anthony's attorney. >> absolutely. he's the defense attorney. by throwing all of this stuff out, it's what we call the kitchen sink approach. when you shoot a shotgun it scatters and everything hits the wall you need one thing to stick. you need one juror to believe something you say. i think he overpromised. i think he overshot here. it's one thing to say it's an accident. >> but further. >> okay, so then we progress and we say, not only was it an accident, but george is the one who discovered the body and came up with the idea of covering it up. if that wasn't enough, then we say, and everything casey did is george's fault because he molested her. but wait, wait, wait, not just him, lee also molested her. but if you doesn't buy any of
12:40 pm
that, the problem becomes that roy kronk, the meter reader was so criminally brilliant that he thought ahead to somehow discover the body that the detective, george, should have hidden well enough, not to be discovered, then he was smart enough to hold on to it for four months and secrete it away until the reward got big enough. >> they should have left it accidental drowning, didn't need additional layers. >> absolutely not. >> you have the prosecution. they're clear it seems to me they're not making this about casey anthony. they're making this about a 2-year-old little girl. >> correct. that's what it is, brooke. this was brilliant. if you watched prosecutor linda drain burdenic when she stood up, first words was, okay, everybody, this is not a case about casey anthony. this is time to tell the story of 2-year-old caylee marie anthony. and that's what you want. you want jurors literally sitting forward, hanging on the edge of their seat listening to
12:41 pm
your story. she told a heck of a story. a brilliant prosecution opening on her part. >> will we see casey anthony testify? >> we have to. brooke, if you noticed what jose baez did, as the defense attorney he did a theatrical opening he was captivating about u i don't think he can back it up. did you hear him mention one witness' name? who is going to testify to all of these things allegedly happen? did you hear him say a school counselor or school nurse will testify that this happened and everybody knew way before the baby went missing? >> no. >> he can't produce the evidence. he has to put her on the stand. if he doesn't, if he chooses not to, because we all know the defense has no burden, it's the prosecution's burden all the way if you stand up and promise a panel of 12 strangers, i'm going to prove this to you, i'm going to show this to you, and you don't mention any witnesses he's got to put her on or his credibility is zero. >> what a day that will be when she does finally take to the
12:42 pm
stand. >> oh, yeah. >> holly hughes, come back. >> absolutely. any time. i would love to. >> now take a listen to this -- >> you're thinking about buying a vehicle, this calendar year now is the time. >> two months after japan's earthquake and tsunami, america's car dealerships feeling the impact. what it spells for car buyers next. i at wk, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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12:45 pm
maybe you've noticed this, u.s. auto dealers are scrambling, people coming into the dealerships, ready to buy, but in a lot of cases there are fewer vehicle on the lot. there is a shortage of new autos because of japan's earthquake and tsunami, and the shortage is leading to higher prices. >> reporter: two car dealerships, one problem -- >> i've never seen anything like this. >> i never experienced this before the. >> reporter: devastating earthquake struck japan more than two months ago but the effects are just now hitting american soil. automakers aren't operating at full speed and that means we could see a car shortage this sum. >> we're probably going to get about, in round numbers, 70 cars a month. we'll be 30% down for the normal numbered that we normally get for this time of year. so it's not great. >> typical month, you can be earning anywhere between 140 to 200 vehicles a month. now we're in a situation where we are seeing that we are
12:46 pm
earning anywhere between 40 vehicles a month. that's a drastic reduction. >> reporter: the auto industry has been through tough times before but what makes this situation so unique is that dealers don't know when things will get back to normal. >> there's still a little bit of uncertainty as far as exactly when we're going to get cars, what we're going to get, what the numbers may be. there's not a good forecast where normally you forecast what you're going to get. >> why is it a problem business wise not to be able to forecast? >> you have to know whether or not you can -- whether you can pay your bills. >> reporter: and ultimately, paying the bills is the issue. >> we have a huge responsibility. we're responsible for people and you know we're also responsible for making sure that people's needs are met. it's -- so, yeah, let's put it this way, i don't sleep very well. >> reporter: unfortunately, there's not much these business owners can do. they don't make the cars and they can't change what's available so they're watching
12:47 pm
business walk out the door. >> a woman walked in wanted a specific model, we -- unfortunate -- it's fine, people when they want what they want, we didn't have it. i didn't have it. i tried my best. >> reporter: this is a supply and demand business. so with fewer cars available, prices are rising. says overall prices are up $350 since the earthquake. if you want options and lower prices -- >> you need to start looking now if you want to get something. >> thinking about buying a vehicle this calendar year, now is the time because as we've all experienced we don't -- we just can't predpict what may or may not happen. >> reporter: talking dollars and cents since the earthquake cars, buying at honda, an average of $1,000 extra. lexus, acura, infinity, the same increase. it's not just toyota and subaru. chrysler expects to turn out
12:48 pm
fewer cars. honda says fewer civics avail pittsburgh. the launch of the 2012 crv delayed bay month. gm and ford were not affected. >> higher priced cars this hour, higher priced coffee next hour. alison kosik. [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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12:51 pm
time now for the help desk, where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour, manisha takor. and founder of flynn zito. let's get right to the first question. carrie in santa monica, california asks my husband lost his job two years ago. we sold our house. we have drained our savings. so we took $250,000 from our retirement account. our real earnings were about $40,000 in odd jobs. is withdrawing from your retirement account considered earnings for that year? doug? >> this is horrible. >> yeah. >> first of all, it is. it's going to catapult them into the highest tax bracket. they have 35% federal, probably 10% on the california and 10%
12:52 pm
penalty for not being 59 1/2. they're losing probably half that money. i have no idea why they would take that money out in a lump sum, unless they needed that money in a lump sum. if you take it out, you do have 60 days to put it back in without taxes or penalties. unless you're spending that today, roll that back in and avoid that and look at possibly living off that on a monthly basis that will lower your tax bill. >> thanks, doug. the next question is from todd in hope, alaska. i've accumulated a growing sum in family health savings account? how can i transfer it to a higher yielding vehicle without losing that tax-favored status we all know and love. >> where are the days that somebody says i have extra money. the short answer is talk to your plan administrator. there are options within your plan oftentimes that can scale up the risk-rewards spectrum. but the slightly longer answer is i want to caution todd it may feel like you have a nice chunk of change there, but health care costs can come out of the blue.
12:53 pm
they're big. i recommend if you have to spend the money in the next one to five years, don't put it in stocks or bonds. you want to protect it against inflation. rates aren't great right now. but i would rather you have the money if something happens next year or the year after rather than take particular risk in that account. >> thank you so much for joining us. do you have a question? send us an e-mail any time at cnn help desk at have you ever been to tijuana? well, police there now facing a bad rap. the men in the video are not exactly helping their situation. coming up, what it is they are accused of making this woman do. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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time for your cnn equals politics update. for that we go to wolf blitzer, live in washington with the latest on the political ticker. and wolf, let's talk about former vice president who had some pretty interesting remarks to make about paul ryan. what did he say? >> he loves paul ryan. i think that's the bottom line. no doubt about that. some republicans may be running a little bit away from paul ryan and his controversial plan to reform medicare. newt gingrich, the republican presidential candidate had some words that he later backed away from. not so nice about the medicare reform plan that paul ryan, the wisconsin republican, the chairman of the house budget committee put forward. but former vice president dick cheney, he is quoted by the houston chronicle as saying this. he said, "i worship the ground that paul ryan walks on."
12:57 pm
he then went on the say, and i'm quoting, i hope he doesn't run for president, because that would ruin a good man who has a lot of work to do. so i guess it's pretty clear dick cheney is not a subtle guy. he is very blunt. he is making it clear he loves paul ryan, loves everything he stands for. and that's why he said those nice words about paul ryan. we're going to have more on this story, but we're also going to have more on what is going on. they finally captured the ratko mladic. as you know, he is one of the war criminals that -- accused war criminals i guess we should say that they've been after for so, so long. in bosnia, and the president of serbia made that announcement today. here is the news. christiane amanpour is going to come back to cnn today and talk to me about that. as you remember, when she used to work at cnn, she was so involved in our coverage in bosnia and kosovo, the balkans. all of our viewers will remember. >> of course. >> the heroic work she did
12:58 pm
covering the story for us. so i have invited her to come into "the situation room" and talk to us today. i want her to reflect a little bit about what it means that they captured this war criminal so in years later. i think that will be good. and i'm looking forward to that. >> fantastic. i would love to hear from her back on our own air. let me just ask you about this, wolf. we know the patriot act is set to expire by midnight tonight. i was talking to dana bash earlier who said there could be changes among the republicans here. what do you make of freshman senator rand paul is really lashing out against republican leadership. what do you make of that? >> he is a libertarian, and he is a very strong, strongly opinionated guy. he doesn't really care that much about what his fellow republicans on some of the issues that are core issues for him. and he's got his principles, just like his dad, ron paul, the republican congressman from texas who is now a republican presidential candidate. these are both individuals, father and son, that don't
12:59 pm
deviate from their principles. and that is a matter of principle for them. sometimes ron paul over the years, i've covered him for many years, there will be a house in the house of representatives, brooke, that will be 432-2, or 431-3, something along those lines. ron paul invariably he is there. even a vote as innocuous as something declaring that george washington was a great president -- i'm just making this up -- something like, that he'll vote against it because in principle he doesn't believe we should be remembering that. these are very principled gentlemen, and they feel strongly. an ron paul and rand paul, they're not shy about making their views known. >> wolf blitzer, talk about certa serendipity. we just saw him on the floor there. we appreciate it. now here we go. top of the hour. take a look at this. >> he is accused of murdering 8,000 men and boys.
1:00 pm
and now after years on the run, one of the most wanted men in recent history is caught. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> got it on video. >> hundreds are still unaccounted for in joplin, and now we're hearing their names. >> a list of 232 individuals. >> sons, daughters, moms, dads, all trying to find their loved ones. we'll take you there. casey anthony's father takes to the stand in her murder trial, and emotions are high. >> you are badgering me. you're trying to get me upset, sir. plus, more than a dozen police officers suspended, accused of forcing a female prisoner to strip and to perform lap dances in exchange for her release. we have the video. and brand-new signs sarah palin could soon begin a run for president. >> let me ask you, don't you love your freedom?
1:01 pm
>> how she is using a movie theater to take on politics and her enemies. welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm brooke baldwin. developing right now, the cia could soon get a lowser look at osama bin laden's pakistan hideout. this is what we have according to the "washington post." federal agents have apparently negotiated with the pakastanis for access to that compound. the cia is exported to scour the ceilings, walls and floors to test for potentially secret hiding places. this comes on the heels of the arrival of mike mullen in pakistan. he has meetings scheduled with pakistan's military leaders. also keep in mind pakistan doesn't have this kind of high-tech sophisticated equipment the cia plans to use in that compound. and with that, let me talk to mike baker. he is on the phone with me from new york. he is a former cia covert
1:02 pm
operations officer. mike, we know that those navy s.e.a.l.s, they took thumb drives and computers, and apparently porn as well out of this compound that bin laden was in possession of. so what more do they think they can find? >> well, it's more of there are several layers to this story. in all honesty verdict was a realistic view of the fact that the isi and the pakistani military have scrubbed that place pretty thoroughly. the last thing they want to do is have some discovered by us that reveals the name of some mid level officer who has been a liaison for bin laden. from the pakastanis point of view in ensuring they hoovrd up everything after we had done the operation. at the same time, there was this effort by both the cia and the military and others to triage, you know, this situation, and to try to kotterize the wounds and try to get back on some normal,
1:03 pm
albeit normal usually that relationship is dysfunctional. but some normal level. >> okay, mike, so you think this perhaps more symbolic than anything, that the pakistanis are showing the americans hey, let's make nice? >> well, there is an element to that. obviously, we want to spend as much time in there as possible, and there is always the chance that perhaps, you know, documents or laptops or other things have been hidden away in safes. and you have to remember within that 40 or so minute time that the teams were on the ground on target, you know, you pick up everything you can. but it's not exactly an exhaustive search. so this is actually from an operational point of view, this makes sense. it's just that, you know we have to go into it with a realistic point of view, which is they have combed over every inch of it. it's true we are going to use technology that to some degree the pakastanis don't have access to. >> sure. >> this is an important step. this is an important step in the
1:04 pm
sense it shows also -- >> mike baker, i hope we're not losing you. let me get one more question into you. do you think the cia -- i think we lost him. do we have him? gone. mike baker, thank you. now to the efforts to locate the missing in joplin, missouri. today authorities reduced the number of those who were unaccounted for from 1500 down to 232. some people, there have been positive stories and found alive. others have been confirmed among the dead. that said we have an update for you this hour on a story we brought you this time yesterday. this little 16-month-old skyular logsdon. i spoke with his grandmother yesterday saying they would continue to search for him. well, the search is over. missouri officials say the missing toddler's body was identified in a morgue in joplin by his great aunt. his mother at the time sunday was just holding, holding little skyular in her arms when the tornado blew through, tossed her
1:05 pm
around. she is still in the hospital. skyular blown right out of her embrace. you see the facebook here, thousands on the facebook trying to find skyular logsdon. in oklahoma, another story for you. one father fights bakhtiars as he reveals heartbreaking news. >> hello, i'm hank hamil. and we found my other son this morning, ryan. he was floating in the water on the west side of the lake. and i just want to thank everybody for helping and being there. and it's a bad deal. i lost both of my boys. i was hoping we would find ryan today alive. but ryan was my little buddy. cole was too. i loved them both. i just want to thank everybody
1:06 pm
again for helping, all they have done. thanks. >> his pregnant wife and young daughter, they are alive. they are in the hospital. apparently he was out of town for work when the tornado hit. 11 people across oklahoma have lost their lives. now to more news unfolding right this moment here. rapid-fire. let's go. i want to begin in arizona. the controversial immigration law gets a key boost from the u.s. supreme court. it was a 5-3 vote, the justices upheld part of the law that allows arizona to punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. the court also upheld the law's requirement that employers just use the federal database, it's called e-verify to confirm if a worker potentially or in the future is illegally here. rod blagojevich takes the stand on corruption charges for the very first time. this is a huge deal. he has chosen not to testify until now. the former illinois governor is charged with trying to sell the senate seat left open by
1:07 pm
president obama once he became president. and an attorney for a rape suspect and former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn is accusing new york police of leaking details in the case. he maintains he is now compromised by the release of what is being described as prejudicial material. it's still unclear what materials that may include. all of this come as strauss-kahn has moved to a luxury town house in new york city's tribeca neighborhood. folks, it's just about 7,000 square feet, and the asking rent at one point in time per month 60 grand. now this. whether he received his just sentence here on earth or after this earth, that one day he will have to be responsible for his actions. >> elizabeth smart speaking after the sentencing of the man who raped her and kept her captive for nine months. brian david mitchell gone to prison for the rest of his life. smart says her case is proof that parents of missing children should never, never give up
1:08 pm
hope. researchers, they're calling it a new epidemic. a study finds that one in five young adults has high blood pressure. they say that's mainly due to a rise in obesity rates combined with a high sodium diet and little exercise. scientists also say most of the 24 to 34-year-old adults in the study didn't know they had a problem. two high profile republicans making announcements about their possible white house runs. one of them sarah palin, and she could be coming to a town near you. that is next. also this -- this is shocking video of a striptease. the woman there a prisoner. the men around her, you hear the cat calls. they're police officers. coming up next, you're going to hear what the officers allegedly promised her if she took off her cloths and performed a lap dance. this whole thing, keep in mind, took place in a place where violence is rising. it affects lives right here in the u.s. we're going show you that video next. don't miss this.
1:09 pm
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15 police officers suspended. that's about the last thing any mexican border city really needs these days in the midst of a war with drug dealers, drug cartels. but that is pactly what is happening in tijuana. 15 police officers suspended for allegedly forcing this young woman to strip, and worse, strip for her freedom. the evidence is clear on the video. i'm going to show you part of it. this is just the part we can show you. senior latin american affairs
1:12 pm
editor rafael romo is here. i know i'm sure you've seen the whole video. i've seen the whole video. that is the one little bit we can actually show folks. it got quite raunchy. what happened? >> it begs the question what were they thinking. in the best case scenario, this was a situation where 15 police officers were behaving inappropriately. that is in the middle of the night, they hired somebody and had their own little party. in the worst part why this is being investigated so deeply, she was a detainee, and she was forced to strip in order for her release. and that's the big problem there. so it's a situation. >> big problem. >> where a flagrant violation of human rights could have happened there. >> how did this video even come to light in the first place? >> well, the investigation began on april 15th. and apparently, one of the officers who was there, who taped the video -- >> so it was an officer, we
1:13 pm
think? >> that's -- that's the theory right now. apparently he made it available to his superiors. and that's how the investigation began. somehow it was leaked to a local newspaper in tijuana. and then it became public, and that's the reason why everybody is talking about it now. >> and then it became national-international. do we know more about this woman? do we know what she is accused of doing to be there in the first place? >> apparently she was originally arrested for being in possession of stolen credit cards and checks. now she was released for lack of evidence. and so the question is, and one of the statements made by one of the officers who were suspended was that she is being described as somebody who is in that kind of business, quote end quote. that's what the police are saying. one of the police officers suspended, that's what he is saying. it's many questions right now. >> can any of these officers, i
1:14 pm
know you say some are suspended, could any of them be charged with any kind of a crime here? >> definitely. if it was a case in which she was a detainee and was forced to do that in order to get released, then we're looking at a situation of human rights violation, and they cannot only be dismissed, but also face prosecution, because this would be very, very serious. >> she basically in the video strips all the way down, and you hear all these cat calls in the background from police officers in tijuana. >> exactly. >> follow it up for us, will you? >> thank you. hours ago he was one of the world's most wanted fugitives. but now the man accused of murdering 8,000 muslims, men, boys has been caught after more than a decade on the run. behind the scenes of the dramatic capture. plus, after weeks of speculation whether french first lady carla bruni is public, she made a declaration and she did it in public. that's next. flavorful!
1:15 pm
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1:17 pm
time to take you globe trekking with a couple of big stories overseas. serbia has captured accused war crime suspect ratko mladic. and in france a little offtopic, has nothing to do with world economics. hala gorani is here with both of those. we know mladic accused of
1:18 pm
murdering 8,000 men, boys. tell us more about him. >> well, ratko mladic was essentially the most high-profile, wanted, accused war criminal out there associated with the balkans war between 1992 and the mid '90s. and there you have images of him back in the early '90s. and he is accused of ordering the massacre as you mentioned of almost 8,000 muslim men and boys in 1995, the worst massacre after world war ii in europe. and he was arrested on serbian soil not too far from the capital, belgrade. it was announced by the president today. so it's a major development, a significant development. and now he is going to be extradited to the netherlands, and he will face war crimes charges at the hague. which have video. we played the video of him in custody. we just turned around this afternoon where you can see him being walked out. >> i want to make sure viewers know who we're talking about. it's the man whose back of the head wearing a baseball cap. and a black hooded jacket there.
1:19 pm
and it's not the man with the white hair there opening the door. some people were a little confused at first. but this is all we have, a very short snippet of him. the latest now for the last few minutes we learned that his interrogation is delayed until tomorrow morning because he is in, quote, poor health. this is according to reports that aired on state television in serbia today. he is 69, and there are reports he may have suffered a stroke, that he doesn't have the full usage of one of his arms. but let me tell you, some of these bosnians who are relatives of victims of that massacre in srebrenica, you have to think of this -- note the scale of it. >> no sympathy? >> not only no sympathy. you could hear the emotion in their voices when we were talking to them today on cnn international. i'm sure you've seen some of these images. they're indelible, really, in the history of europe, of men lined up one after another and shot like animals. this is something we saw today too, and reexperienced with some of the bosnians who were either directly or indirectly the victims of this serb military campaign. >> horrific. and that is historic, clearly.
1:20 pm
second story. we know that the president, a bunch of world leaders in france, right, for the g 8. >> but we're not going to talk than. >> that's not what everyone is talking about. >> we talked about that all day. now it's time to talk about what else? pregnancy rumors. >> carla bruni. >> you know how she usually wears the beautiful form-fitted george dresses. >> she is stung. >> look what she is wearing today. >> turn around, carla bruni. >> there she is. >> and puts the flowers right in front of her. >> okay. listen, carla, can you please 'fess up now? this is a still. a still pan. it's going to take a little while there we have it. basically, she chaired a meeting of one of her charities on illiteracy. she doesn't moving around too much. she normally wear morse form-fitted clothing. last week her father-in-law, the father of nicolas sarkozy, told a german newspaper that they were expecting. it hasn't been confirmed officially.
1:21 pm
>> just reading between the baby bump lines. >> that's exactly right. see we'll wait. she is 43 years old. >> you interviewed her just last year, didn't you? >> just last year, yes. she is probably waiting for it to be further along before confirming she is pregnant. so we'll wait for the official confirmation. >> this is what we do to americans, american celebrities, and it's what we're doing to the french first lady. >> and by the way, the the elections in france are next year. so if indeed there is a presidential baby or two on the way, they will be tiny little bundles of joy by the time the nicolas sarkozy runs for office again. >> how about that. thank you. hala gorani, thank you. and now this. >> give me a date and i'll answer. >> i'm giving you a date. >> no, sir, you are badgering me. you're trying to get me upset, sir. >> tensions rung high in the casey anthony murder trial as her dad there and defense lawyer go back and forth. but it's what her boyfriend said actually on the stand today that really shook up casey anthony. that is ahead. also up next, pakistan's
1:22 pm
difficult relationship with the united states may be a little bit more tense after the dramatic details revealed in a chicago courtroom this week. hear what accused plotters of the mumbai terror attack revealed about their sources inside pakistan.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
i want to talk a little bit about pakistan, because the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen just arrived in the country for meetings with the country's government. all of this comes at a time when the u.s. and pakistan government
1:25 pm
there, military, et cetera, already on shaky ground. mullen is the highest u.s. ranking official to visit pakistan since the raid of osama bin laden's compound. and there are lingering questions about how bin laden was able to hide in plain sight, essentially a stone's throw from the equivalent of pakistan's west point, their military academy. there have been allegations that pakistani intelligence officers corrupted by terrorists helped keep his location quiet. now testimony in a chicago trial could have international repercussions. david coleman headley testified under oath that pakistan's stop intelligence service known as the isi is linked to the terrorists who carried out the deadly attacks in mumbai. now headley has confessed to scouting targets for the attacks in india. he testified that he was trained in espionage by pakistan's secret intelligence office. headley is now the star witness in this case against a former
1:26 pm
friend and businessman tahawwur hussain rana and seven other co-defendants. rana is the only one in custody. he is accused of helping headley get a fake visa to travel to india. rana is denying any connection to the mumbai plot. keep in mind these two gentlemen, they were boyhood friends. rana once put his own house up as bail for headley when he faced drug charges back in the 1990s. and it's that kind of devotion that makes rana's attorneys say his client was manipulated. >> i believe the evidence in the complaint is equally as capable of reaching the conclusion that mr. rana was unwitting, did not know what plans mr. headley had in his head. >> more than 160 people were killed in the attack. remember, it was right around thanksgiving at the famous taj hotel. thanksgiving of course for news the united states. six americans were among the
1:27 pm
victims. and the terror group, lashkar-e-taiba has claimed victory for the siege. everything about this case is hinging upon headley's credibility. he was a drug deal. >> and because of that he became an informant for the dea. he accepted a plea deal to avoid the death penalty in this terror case. headley says the terror group was in cahoots with pakistan's military. now the lawyer for the u.s. victims of those mumbai attacks is pleased that headley's testimony is linking the isi to the attacks in mumbai. >> we want to obtain for the american victims the compensation that they're entitled to from the isi defendants. obviously lst is involved and there is no serious person who could make an issue of that. but for the families to get the compensation that they're entitled to, we really need the isi in the case. so we're very happy to hear on day one in clear, explicit
1:28 pm
language from the government and from headley that the isi was involved in planning and then carrying out the mumbai attacks. >> again, pakistan repeatedly denying that the isi had any role in the mumbai attacks, just as it has denied that the isi knew a thing about bin laden's whereabouts. sarah palin's camp dropping another hint about 2012. this one has to do with a movie made at her request. and it features her enemies that is ahead. also, as president obama attends his g-8 summit event, his wife will not be attending any first lady events overseas? why not? we're live in france. plus, it is a must-have for me every day. it is. i love how my team just wrote that into the script, because it's true. but the price of one grocery item, an item all of us buy, is skyrocketing. i'm going to tell you what to expect at the store next.
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
well, it turns out we're all going to be paying a little bit more for something most of us drink every single morning. also, president obama is meeting with world leaders in france. time for reporter brianna keilar. at the g8 summit, many items on the agenda, one of which is libya. one is friction over how aggressive the military strategy should be.
1:32 pm
>> reporter: that's right. libya is the top agenda item for sure, brooke. you have president obama kind of having to straddle a line. on the one hand, he has russia, which has a relationship with libya which abstained from voting for sanctions at the u.n. and is really concerned that this military operation will drone on and on. then on the other hand you have allies like france that want to make sure that the u.s. is committed, really, to seeing this through and that it stands with the u.s. saying moammar gadhafi needs to step aside. you know, we saw president obama meet with the president of russia, dmitry medvedev. he said -- what the white house is kind of saying is they're going to keep russia in the loop. but you certainly have president obama saying, you know, we have to be patient in trying to make it clear that they're committed to this mission in libya, and that they're in it for a while, brooke. >> also, and we'll be watching that. also, though, huge, huge news out of europe today, the arrest of serbian war criminal ratko
1:33 pm
mladic. what is the response. >> mladic. >> i tell you what. say it again. mladic. >> ratko mladic. it's very difficult to say. and the response here has been overwhelmingly positive. the white house said that the president was delighted. the president came out and said this is justice. you had president sarkozy weighing in on this, saying this is very good news. it's been received very well here by president obama and all of the allies because they say this goes a long way towards really helping serbia ease some of the tensions in that region, and ultimately helping it move forward, because it's wanted to join the eu, brooke. >> briana, thank you very much for me in france. later on "roulette," the best part of waking up may still be the folgers, but it's going to cost you the coffee. oh, boy, oh, boy. i'm hooked. i'll be the first to add mitt it. >> oh, yes. that means the price -- that means like most of us, the price
1:34 pm
won't keep us from drinking it. we're talking about big names like starbucks. i'm talking about the packaged coffee it sells in the stores. a 17% increase in the price there. folgers, millstone, those prices up 11%. dunkin' donuts, the coffee that is sold in the grocery stores, prices are going up 11%. also green mountain there included in the list. as you said, we're going to continue drinking the stuff. well need our fix. you know what, brooke, we consumed a record amount of coffee last year. i don't think the price is going to keep us. >> in my world it is a necessity. but why is it, alison? to what do we attribute this increase? >> and that's a good question. the fact is coffee makers, brooke, they're struggling right now. they're trying to deal with the surging cost of raw coffee beans. we're drinking more coffee than ever all over the world, but we've also got this bad weather, the poor growing conditions in south america and indonesia. and what that is doing, it's leading to a big supply crunch. also, you to remember, coffee is
1:35 pm
actually a commodity that is traded on the open market. just like gold is, just like crude oil. so when investors see a short supply but rising demand, they buy it. what do you get? you get the price of coffee futures doubling in the past year. and of course when you see tonight store shelf, it rises too. in fact, the retail price is up more than 50%. for the past year, brooke. >> over 50%? my gosh. that's a lot. >> yes, yes. but look, you haven't even noticed. you just buy it any way. it's a necessity, don't you think? >> i don't drink too much. just a little bit. alison kosik, thank you so much. now to this. a 6-year-old boy disappears. then his mother apparently kills herself and leaves behind a note. now not only are investigators releasing new video, but the search has just shifted that is ahead. also, what did casey anthony's ex-boyfriend say today on the stand that caused her to burst into tears. sonny hostin has been watching this all day long. she is next. network all across .
1:36 pm
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alison kosik.
1:38 pm
you could see things got a little testy today at the murder trial of casey anthony, the florida mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. sunny hostin back on the story, back on the case for it today. sunny, it was casey anthony's father. he was back on the witness stand this morning. let's watch this together, and then we'll talk about it on the other side. >> you're trying to confuse me
1:39 pm
here. yes, you are, sir. >> no, sir, i'm not. >> you're talking about the gas can, we're talking my grand daughter. be specific with one or the other, sir, and i'll be more than glad to get through this with you. but you have to be specific, sir. give me a date and i'll answer. >> i'm giving you a date. >> no, sir, you're badgering me. you're trying to get me upset, sir. >> sunny hostin, let's just set it up. who is he talking to? and do you think he was being badgered? >> well, this is george anthony being cross-examined by hose baez. no, i don't think he was being badgered. obviously he has never sat in a witness chair and been cross-examined by someone who cross-examinations the way i used to cross examined witnesses i'm accusing of sexual abuse. i thought this sort of cross-examination actually played pretty well for the defense, because the defense here, brooke, is claiming that casey anthony behaved the way she did because she had been
1:40 pm
repeatedly sexual abused by george anthony. so he needs to look like an angry guy, someone that needs to be in control. and i think he showed that side of him today. >> what about, and again live pictures we're looking at casey anthony sitting in the courtroom yet again. she is not crying here. we know she was in tears this morning. sunny, what prompted that? >> you know, her ex-boyfriend, tony lazzaro was on the witness stand this morning, brooke. and he talked about his love for her, her love for him. he also talked about casey anthony as a mother. he mentioned that little caylee was remarkable, that she knew how to count to 40 in spanish. she learned it by watching "dora the explorer." it was a humanizing moment for casey anthony in the courtroom because she seemed to revel in her role as a mother. a very humanizing picture for this jury today for casey anthony. >> sunny, what about the defense's side in terms of calling witnesses to the stand
1:41 pm
to testify? who do they have? when will we see casey anthony on the stand? will we? >> i think we need to see casey anthony on the stand, because, again, remember the defense dropped that bombshell, brooke. >> yep. >> they said caylee anthony drowned in the swimming pool and casey anthony had been abused by her father. no one else can confirm that other than casey anthony. i think we may even see george anthony again on the witness stand, and i think we will see other people that can testify to the fact that casey anthony adored her little girl. i think we'll see a lot of that type of thing. >> let's move from that case. the second one here, i want to check in on a case we actually talked about last week. this involves 6-year-old timothy pittson. this is surveillance video of timothy and his mother. it's from this resort. this is in the wisconsin dells. this is the last time the two were seen together. his mother ended up committing suicide in a hotel room.
1:42 pm
but there has still been no sign of timothy. are police make anything progress in tracking him down? >> well, the investigation is still very fluid. it's ongoing. i'm so glad we have chosen to highlight this case again. we are talking about a 6-year-old little boy who is still missing. i'm glad we're showing his picture. the police are saying they're following leads. the fbi is involved now. they have located some cell phone data, and they're shifting the investigation into that area where cell phone was pinpointed. and so hopefully we'll learn more about this case in the near future. but i really hope that those that are watching our show today and have been following up will continue to call the police department with any sorts of tips about the whereabouts of little timothy. >> but here is the question i have. if this mother before she killed herself, she leaves this note. she leaves this note saying she left her son with people she didn't identify. if that was the case, wouldn't
1:43 pm
those people have come forward by now? >> you would think so. i think that's why everyone is so very concerned about it. it's been three, almost two and a half weeks now. since he has been missing. and so you would think if he were with other folks that saw the reports, learned that his mother had committed suicide. that would come forward. i think it's leading many of us to question why she wrote that in her suicide note. really such a mystery. >> it is a mystery. sunny hostin, thank you so much. i want to break way from you, go straight to dana bash live on capitol hill. dana and i were talking earlier the patriot act set to expire tonight. a lot of the senators back and forth on several of the provisions. if they don't all agree, it could expire. what the news today? >> the news is you and i talked the last hour about the fact that it was a fast-moving story, they could reach a deal. they reached a deal. if you look at the senate floor, brooke, they have begun a series of votes to actually pass an extension of the patriot act for four years. what you and i talked about is if fact that republican rand
1:44 pm
paul of kentucky, tea party-backed freshman who promised to give his party some trouble, and he followed through on that on this, because he had been filibustering this bill all week long, trying get some amendments to it. and he actually did succeed. he came on cnn earlier saying that he was upset with his own party leadership because he thought they were blocking an amendment to -- to have a court order before people's gun records were reviewed. his republican leadership relented. if you look at the senate floor, that is what they're voting now there will be another rand paul amendment and then final passage. the amendments by rand paul are expected to fail. they're not exported to pass. but bottom line the senate will probably finish this in the next half hour or so. the house has stayed in to also pass a patriot act extension. so congress looks like it will pass a patriot act. >> for four more years. >> before it expires at midnight tonight. they'll make the deadline.
1:45 pm
>> all right. dana bash, thanks for the update there, breaking news out of capitol hill. now this. >> has taken us to see some caves where we're told families have been hiding from the shelling. >> those families, parents, children taking cover from rockets fired by moammar gadhafi's regime in libya. you just saw him. cnn's nic robertson got this exclusive tour inside some of the secret hideouts. wait until you see how they're set up. that's next. you even have a na? well, it doesn't matter. because it's about to change. there's a cheaper, cleaner way to fuel up now. the volt plugs into any socket, and fuels up at home. sure it could use gas, but for most commutes you won't need much, if any. so from now on, fuel tube... we'll just call you...plan b. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric.
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president obama is giving moammar gadhafi a stern warning. nato air strikes will not stop until you leaf and you stop killing your own people. many libyans, including parents, their own children are now hiding out in these secret caves. our senior international correspondent nic robertson got an exclusive look inside. watch. >> reporter: he's taken us to see some caves where we're told families have been hiding from the shelling. we've yet to see the caves, but we're certainly seeing a lot of children. and that is the only place in town where i've seen children. look at them here. families of children. they've deserted the streets of the city. they're living out here on the edge. the caves we're told haven't
1:49 pm
been lived in by people for about 60 years. but because of the random shelling, and now going back to hiding in them again. this is the old part of the city on the hills on the edge. down here, steep. you can really feel like you're going into an ancient city here. this is quite incredible. look up here. these ancient homes here that you can see the power cable now running inside here so people can have electricity, some light at night. this is a whole underground labyrinth of caves. the roof is blackened by soot from fires, years of fires. it's all black. then you come out here into this. and the only way out of here is a ladder.
1:50 pm
it's an absolute labyrinth every side you look. an entrance here, here, here, here, another room here with a light bulb. this wasn't here 60 years ago. blankets in there if you take a look, blankets, carpets, space for people to live. and hide from the shelling. >> we're still here. maybe i think between ten and 12 families. >> reporter: that's a lot of people. >> from the houses, they come into here. >> reporter: and this is why it's safe to keep their children in zentan. because you can hide here. you can hide here and be safe. >> underground. >> reporter: what about the children? what happens to the children? they stay here? >> yeah. sometimes crying some. >> reporter: but the young children, sometimes they're crying when they hear the rockets? >> yes, yes.
1:51 pm
>> reporter: i don't know if you'll be able to see it, but i'm going to walk it out. one, two, three, four, five six, seven paces to the back. my hands on the ceiling. so it's about seven foot high. and the width across one, two. it's a good three paces across. so that's about 25 feet long. about 12 feet across, and seven or eight feet on the ceiling. and this is covered in soot, black soot from years of fire. the heavy strong door. anyone inside there is going to be very safe from the types of missiles that we've seen falling just the last few hours. those grad rockets. [ children chanting ] >> reporter: i think this is a little impromptu reenactment for us with chorus and verse how they're not afraid of the grads and the missiles that have been
1:52 pm
fired by gadhafi. what they're doing is showing us how the kids can get in here when the rockets are coming, and they get afraid. it's a show of bravado. but this is what the rebels want us to see, these caves and how the families are being kept safe. >> nic robertson in libya. and now we are a mere eight minutes away from "the situation room." let's check with wolf blitzer who is here. i'm always excited to watch your show. but today i'm very excited because huge historic arrest today with ratko mladic. and you are talking -- cnn can cover this story like no one else. you're talking to? >> christiane. >> some reporters out there you only need a first name. christiane. >> and wolf. >> christiane is enough. i worked with her for a listening, long time at cnn. certainly she made her mark covering the war in the balkans there is no doubt about that. so we invited her to come back
1:53 pm
to cnn to share some thoughts on what it means that mladic has now been captured. i think this is going to be very, very fascinating. i want to hear what went through her mind when she heard earlier today that mladic is under arrest. it's been a long, long time, what, 15, 16 years. >> 1995. >> since he was a war criminal. that's right. so it's one of those major stories. and all of us who remember srebrenica and what was going on in bosnia, later in kosovo, it was an emotional story. i went there a couple of times myself. so it was awful. it was the worst massacre in europe since world war ii. and we'll update our viewers on what is going on today. >> wolf blitzer, i look forward to it. we'll see you in a couple of minutes on "the it is room". >> thank you. new signs that sarah palin could soon be putting her presidential hat in the presidential ring? the center of the speculation there is a movie about herself. it also features, though, some of her worst enemies.
1:54 pm
joe johns has that in political pop. mr. johns is next. with less chc osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation.
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a movie detailing the life of sarah palin may soon be hitting the silver screen. it's slated to release actually as early as next month in iowa and supposedly was commissioned by palin herself. joe johns is here with the political pop. joe, do tell, what exactly is the movie about? >> well, it's about a lot of stuff. it's a documentary. it's called "the undefeated." the first we heard of it was
1:57 pm
when the website we'll clear politics broke the story tuesday night. the guy who wrote the story is named scott conroy. also cowrote a become on sarah palin called "sarah from alaska." this is the only known journalist to have seen a rough cut of this movie. i talked to him on the phone earlier today. he said it cost a bunch of money to make, and it's all about casting sarah palin in a more positive light, you know, in 100 different ways, i think. >> okay. it obviously does because it's called "the undefeated." does it tell her side of the election story? >> you know, actually, this movie, as he describes it is not what you think it is. scott conroy says it's a lot of stuff explaining why she left her job as governor of alaska. it talked about ethics controversies that she got involved in become in her home state, oil and gas industry stuff, which is a big deal in alaskan politics. he says it kind of gets down in the weaves on policy issues, but also shows how she worked with democrats in the state to get
1:58 pm
things done. so apparently much of this is about alaska. >> why is it so alaska-centric? >> the filmmaker, steven banyan reportedly told palin at the outset number one, he is going the finance it for her. the reason why palin wanted this is because she wanted sort of a way to show why she left the governor's job, because some conservatives thought she was damaged goods. and basically, wants to clear the air, i think, on why she resigned and the movie apparently is trying to explain that. perhaps in the event she decides to go ahead and run for president. >> well, wasn't it last week, i think it was last thursday where she was saying she still has a fire in her belly maybe to defeat president obama. she has not come out and said i am rung. she also hasn't said i'm not rung. might this movie be a sign? hello, it's in iowa next month. might that be a sign that she wants to throw her hat in the ring? and what other signs are out
1:59 pm
there that could suggest that? >> it might be that she is interested to see how the movie is received, see how her national tour is received. she has done some other stuff there are multiple reports with a lot of specifics. we haven't been able to confirm it just yet, that this house -- they're actually -- i'm getting ahead of myself. they're actually getting a house at a cost of almost $1.7 million. >> in scottsdale. >> 8,000 square feet. lots of privacy. and that too has created speculation, you know. it's john mccain's home state. perhaps the kind of place in the lower 48 where she would want to be if she launched a run for president. but still, you're right. nobody said anything officially. and she hasn't either. >> what about quickly, fox. we know palin is a contributor on that network. >> right. >> they have put out a statement saying? she is not leaving yet. >> no. she is not leaving yet. and they're not change her status. she makes big bucks over that, over there at fox tv news. and as it stands now, she is


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